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As a researcher, I am focused on increasing our understanding of forest structure and dynamics. Earth’s forests are increasingly threatened by climate related disturbance and population growth. Forest conservation is essential for climate change mitigation and biodiversity preservation, and my research agenda is based on providing policy relevant outcomes pertinent to forest conservation.

I use novel remote sensing technologies and methods to further our understanding of forest carbon stock and flux, its drivers and spatio-temporal dynamics. I have worked mostly with LiDAR remote sensing, although also have experience with Landsat, Landsat disturbance products, MODIS, and high-resolution optimal datasets such as Quickbird. I focus on developing and applying techniques that are non-site specific or ecosystem-specific, and am currently interested in data fusion for biomass estimation from upcoming missions (GEDI, ICESat-2, NISAR).

I have traveled or worked in forests in British Columbia, Yukon Territory, Ontario, California, Eastern United States, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Peru, and Gabon. I am particularly interested in high relief forests, as these are often the last undisturbed forests near developed areas and are traditionally more difficult to monitor with remote sensing technologies.